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Planet B is a specialist in providing a fully managed carrier grade service to transmit voice traffic within and between organisations using VoIP.

It is only recently that Voice over IP has been considered a mature business technology. Planet B has now gone one stage further and partnered with Voicenet Solutions to provide a fully managed, wholly integrated, IP based business telephony system.

This state-of-the-art Voice over IP (VoIP) solution for UK business will substantially reduce the cost of all company calls, enhance employee connectivity and change the way your business communicates forever. For example, the location independent functionality facilitates better communications for home and teleworking; a challenge for many businesses.

VN Complete is our complete Voice over IP business service. It requires no investment and no rental or management of BT lines and PBXs. Calls are handled centrally, providing advanced functionality without the need to own a PBX. The service offers free between-branch calls, unified dialling between remote locations, reduced calling rates to all destinations and complete user online phone management tools.

Whatever your business, we have a secure VoIP solution to suit your needs & provide you with a superior platform that increases the value of your telephony system to your business.


Voice over IP - is it for You?

VoIP is the latest technology buzz word, but what's it really all about and how can it benefit your business?

Put simply VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is about making calls over the internet. All you need is a broadband connection and a phone adaptor similar to a modem, simple. Once you sign up, we'll connect everything, then give you and your colleagues a run-through of the system and all the useful features.

The result is a substantial reduction in cost with no loss of audio quality. You can use 'normal' phones or use soft phones on your desktop, wherever you have a broadband connection.

Why should I use VoIP?

All call charges are significantly reduced, and calls to other VoIP phones are free, with no loss of call quality, giving you great savings. Plus VoIP can be used anywhere there is a broadband connection, so employees can make free calls at home, on the train or even the beach, using WiFi. VoIP is the medium of the future and with Planet B the opportunities are endless.

How does business use VoIP?

Planet B will help your company to develop employee communication networks. This means any employee, regardless of location, can talk to another employee free of charge.

Plus when they call a third party, outside the network, call rates are dramatically reduced, with calls from just 1p to UK landlines the US and Europe.

So is VoIP just a cost thing?

VoIP is more than just a cost effective telephone system. VoIP pulls down the barriers of conventional phone systems. And because network calls are free, employees have greater freedom, there is better communication connectivity for the entire workforce and the whole company can make substantial savings.

Can off-site sales team use VoIP?

Calls to allocated mobile numbers like ordinary LAN lines are greatly reduced. An employee working away from the office can also access their phone settings and business voicemail online via any Internet access point and make calls for free.

Can home workers use VoIP?

Yes, all you need is a computer and a broadband connection. All they need to do is log on to their soft phone options, or plug in a VoIP phone and they can make calls as if they're in the office. The location independent functionality facilitates better communications for home and teleworking; a challenge for many businesses.

What will it cost to implement a VoIP system?

Many VoIP business solutions do not require any capital investment. Unlike with a PBX, the solution is hosted and managed outside the office at the IP network centres.

What is a PBX?

A PBX is a physical phone system that usually sits in a server room. PBXs are expensive and cumbersome and need large investment for hardware upgrades and maintenance.

Does this make my PBX redundant?

For complete business VoIP solutions no PBX is required. However, there are services that hook up a VoIP network to an existing PBX offering phone system scalability with minimal new hardware costs.