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Network Solutions

Planet B are an accredited BT Business Partner. We are an independent company, with the full support of the BT organisation. As a BT Business Partner, Planet B acts as the primary sales interface, focusing on Account Managing companies of all types.

Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic sales and support staff will respond rapidly to your requirements, helping you to find the most efficient and cost-effective ways of managing your business communications.

The Benefits to You:

BT has the largest range of products available in the UK and can back that up with the largest and most highly trained workforce. An example of which is that BT has the largest number of Cisco certified engineers in the UK. So when it comes to creating the right communications platform for your business, BT makes perfect sense.

But, for customers a most crucial part of the process is getting access to the right information and receiving personal attention. For example, BT has a very large and comprehensive web site. As a consequence, finding the information you need can be daunting. Also, who is your BT Account Manager? At Planet B we aim to solve these, and other, problems. We can help ensure that you maximise your relationship with BT.